Understanding Self-Worth

Build confidence and self-acceptance.

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Today, I Live Illustrated hard bound gift book to teach women and teens about self-acceptance.

The Landmark List: Feel Your Worth. Uncover Your Purpose. Chapter book teaching the relationship between worth and purpose.

I Know Who I am: Understanding Vital Elements of Self-Worth Workbooks teaching ten ways to think and act more positively about self-worth. Co-authored by Karen Eddington and husband Cory Eddington, LMFT.

10 Statements You Should Never Think Workbook teaching the role thinking errors play on our self-confidence.Co-authored by Karen Eddington and husband Cory Eddington, LMFT.

My Super Woman Score Workbook teaching the Pivotal Eight Elements we base our worth on.

Self-Worth Outreach Kits: available at Karen's events

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(while you're on amazon search out the illustrations she did for the book "The Land of If Only" by Kelly Swanson)



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