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Are you planning a meeting?  I want to help you have everything you need.  A day off, a well deserved pay raise… well, I might not be able to get you to a quiet sunny beach with your favorite book but I can help you to have more time and confidence in your upcoming program.  I’ve seen your stress and I am on your team. One of my life philosophies is “make decisions that bring peace.” You are under enough pressure to produce a successful event.  My job is to help you by being on time, organized, and accessible.  I believe in taking the early flight in to your event, or for digital meetings know I am here for you. I believe in customizing programs that fit you.  I spend hours in advance on each presentation so it fits your audience.  ( And, it’s because I love it.  I sincerely love the process of crafting words into experiences.)  I have a simple audio visual request, a working microphone!  I typically don’t use power point slides because I like to be present and in the moment with your audience.  Let’s work some magic together.

On this page you can find photos, an introduction example, a bio, a success guide all at the click of a button.   You can also review programs. I am doing a lot of 2020 virtual customization so if you need something, ask.  I’m here for you. Here are some resources!

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Get the right amount of content, interaction, and humor that fits the needs of your audience.

1.      LEADERSHIP: Get leadership and teamwork skills while navigating a pressure culture.

2. CONNECTION: “You Are Not Alone”  Enjoy an interactive keynote with a focus on connection and community Under Pressure.

3. STRESS MANAGEMENT: “Under Pressure.” Learn proven methods to combat stress.

4. LAUGHTER. “Bring the Laughter Home.” Misdirection and laughter skills for when you are Under Pressure.

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