Under Pressure

Pressure. Pressure at work. Pressure from looking side to side. Pressure to be someone. Pressure to produce an outcome. High expectation, in a high achieving environment, with frantic effort to be good enough, is leading to burn out, low productivity, conflict, disconnection, and isolation. Mental isolation. Get more of Karen’s content with at home access at TheUnderPressureProject.com

The Under Pressure Project is your solution.

Pressure is when something that matters to you is at risk.  Pressure is when the deadlines and demands push us beyond our ability.  The Under Pressure Project is about using original research (and some laughter too) to help overworked and under appreciated people to prevent a breaking point.

Have you ever heard the following phrases: “I’ve hit a wall. There is a lot on my plate. Do I even matter? Burn-out! No matter how hard I try it isn’t enough. I can’t keep up. I’m surrounded by people but I still feel alone.”

We start to disconnect when the pressure is on.  Karen Eddington will help you have more connection, more productivity, more peace, and more confidence– in leadership, in teams, and in yourself.

The Research Findings:

Karen’s research shows the pressure to achieve as the one of top pressures we experience, the ability to create a support network as the top solution, and mental isolation–alone in our mind that somehow we are diminished, flawed, or excluded– as the most universal and dangerous experience we can have.  Karen Eddington’s insight explores the experiences we have that might make us say, “I’ve hit a wall,”  “There’s a lot on my plate,”  “The expectations and demands are burning me out.”

What is The Under Pressure Project:

Today, it is a keynote event experience created by Identity Researcher Karen Eddington.

It is based on Karen’s 2008 research project that was initially called “The Under Pressure Project.” This became a collection of 572 surveys filled with open ended questions about pressure.  It was followed by 8 years of looking for patterns of pressure in neighborhoods, work, professional networking meetings, and communities looking for common threads.

It started as a research project to understand pressure. Ten years later, it’s an unexpected mission to extend the solution to you.

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