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Karen Eddington is a 20 year identity researcher and is the author of Understanding Self-Worth, who learned proven methods to combat stress by listening to people like you…

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From Washington D.C. to Wyoming, Karen Eddington has spoken to thousands of audiences about the Under Pressure Project. She started her speaking career in 2003, right out of college, as people asked to hear her college thesis findings on confidence and body image issues. Karen started by asking over 500 high school students how they felt about themselves, which launched her career as an identity researcher.

Karen has done both qualitative and quantitative research (both interviews and using formal survey) and documented patterns on self-worth and self-care. Karen has since participated in community education programs, been a regular media contributor with over 50 TV appearances, founded a self-worth outreach center, and earned a feature on ESPN for helping cheerleaders break stereotypes. She has studied women, youth, and professionals to understand their pressures and offer them real solutions to live happy, successful lives.

Through all the outreach work Karen pursued her stand-up comedy goals. She wrote jokes on the water bill. Water bill jokes like “we’re drowning in bills,” and “do not open with electric bill.” Her husband final wrote back “Water you doing…” and encouraged her to hit up open mic night!  Karen spent six years watching and studying why people laugh. She started participating in IMPROV, and eventually left the shadows of the comedy club and started her own clean hour long stand-up comedy show for families about families.

She continues both “Under Pressure” related research and comedy writing.

She is married to licensed marriage and family therapist, Cory Eddington.  Karen’s 16-year-old son says, “My mom professionally speaks.  My dad professionally listens.” When she is not working with audiences she can be seen driving carpool in her small town northern Utah farming community.

How small town? Well there is an old school bus driving around that has been welded into a hay-hauling-tractor where the “S” and the “H” were removed and turned into a ” C OOL BUS”

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